Although, Superior Signs Inc did at one time try to manufacture
every type of signage...
they soon realized that to do something, and, to do it correctly, 
it meant focusing on only certain areas
of the business.

Mr Hyoway recalls completing a 10'X12' billboard at the
age of (16) ...well before, ever beginning in business.
He states: "I knew at that point ...that would be
where my teachings would lead me"

Superior Signs Inc have been told by 3M, one of their over 80- sites is the largest
all reflective billboard in the nation.

  With all sites, they use double-sided aluminum panels, (which are factory painted). 
      These vary in width and size. Most all sites are in part, or entirely
      applied with digital imagery (a pictorial format) and, most effective!
      Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words, and, the key is
      designing the message to work.  How do you achieve that goal?   Mr Hyoway's
 answer is keep it simplebalanced, and, colour/color coordinated.

Prices vary according to size and location. They proudly boast their manufacturing 
  costs and lease fees, are 40% or, less than any of their major competition.  
Lease terms vary from
(2-5 years). 

      Superior Signs Inc. also, customize graphics for: GMC Canada, 
and other specialized vehicles.

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